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The nobility of a person might be either inherited or earned. Nobility in its most general and strict sense is an acknowledged preeminence that is hereditary, i.e., legitimate descendants (or all male descendants, in some societies) of nobles are nobles, unless explicitly stripped of the privilege. In this respect, nobility is distinguished from British peerage: the latter can be passed to only a single member of the family. Another confusion of the term nobility is with aristocracy. The latter term is often used (abused) in an informal way, but in the strict sense it is a political term related to a form of government.

Nobles typically commanded resources, such as food, money, or labor, from common members or nobles of lower rank of their societies, and could exercise religious or political power over them. Also, nobles typically, but not necessarily were entitled to land property, which was reflected in the title. For example, the title Earl of Chesterfield tells about property, while the title Earl Cairns was created for a surname. However all the above is not obligatory; quite often nobility was associated only with social respect and certain social privileges. An example of the latter would be Polish szlachta.


Charlemagne was the first Holy Roman Emperor, crowned by Pope Leo III in 800 AD: he is today considered as the founder of Europe and also as the ancestor of all kings of Europe.

If the Carolingian dynasty was extinct in the male line with Herbert IV, Count of Soissons in 1080, the Carolingian emperors and kings fathered all the dynasties of the time in the female line, from the Capet of France to the Kings of England, from the Kings in Spain to the Kings of Hungary and the Russian Tsars.

Considering that most people believe that royal genealogies are concerning only royal people, few people realize that the descendant of Charlemagne includes thousands of people in Belgium, England, France, Germany, etc and also in the USA. Millions of people have royal ancestors, but that does not make them royal. It is estimated that 80% of the original stock of Europeans are all descended from Charlemagne and Mohammed, but only .001% of them are authentic and genuine royals.

"History is the truth of the past. The passing of history encloses the future: if there is a divining method to reveal the secrets of the future that has a scientific foundation, it is this meticulous examination of the past, and it is in this manner that historic criticism of pure genealogy takes on a positive value, an inheritance to be passed down, remember that each one of us has two parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great grandparents, 16 great-great grandparents, who 8 generations ago were at the eve of the French Revolution, that our twelfth ancestor was the same age as Michelangelo and that the seventieth was the same age as Christ. By searching back from son to father we go back to the beginning of time; in fact we are all really brothers and sisters".