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Salvatore Caputo was born in a noble family in 1942 when Italy was a kingdom ruled by the House of Savoy, kings of Italy since the Risorgimentoand previously rules of Savoy. But after 4 years, monarchy was abolished by popular referendum in June 2, 1946. Italy became a republic.

At the age of 15, he was brought up in Toronto, Canada where after he spends his life traveling to Brazil, Guatemala and Philippines as a prominent director of multinational Corporations. Since he became conscious of politics, there has not been a president who he felt was a satisfactory symbol of the countries visited, and who he could admire as a focus for non-partisan patriotism. This is essentially why he came to support monarchy..although his enthusiasm for royalty dates from childhood.

Don Salvatore Ferdinando Antonio Caputo is a monarchist that believes that a hereditary Monarchy, with a Sovereign, non-corrupt one with religious values and culture and tradition, conducted with immense kindness and whose role was thrust upon him by accident of birth rather than by being a politician, is the most perfect form of government in a nation.  

Contrary to a Republic's President the Sovereign will insure the continuity in a time schedule. He/she is always aware about important files and he/she acts to push these files up to their conclusion. That is not the case for a president. When his period will be ended, he will return to the everyday's life and another President will come with his idea and who knows how.

Mr. Caputo supports the present heads of exiled or non-reigning Houses as de jure sovereigns, this recognition being co-existent with the realization that the institution is more important than a particular claimant. A monarch through the vestiges of that misunderstood Divine right and because of his symbolic paternal role faces a higher responsibility than a state government.

The justification of the hereditary succession is not only in the upbringing of the future king, not only in the continuity of a line  but in the fact that an hereditary ruler does not owe his position to any particular social or interest group, but rather to divine will alone. The formula "by the Grace of God" is a constant reminder to the sovereign that an accident of birth was responsible for his position and must prove his fitness by ceaseless efforts in the cause of justice.

The monarch is always there, a permanent symbol of the state and man's relationship to it. The modern monarch is often above the fray of partisan politics, an advocate for his nation's principles, if not its specific governmental policies. Today, a monarch may reign but not rule. The interest of monarchy is to serve, to serve the country, the people and not be served.

It is a misconception to imagine that the monarchy exists in the interests of the monarch. It does not. It exists in the interests of the people. It is sometimes said that Country can never be a really modern state while it still has a monarchy. This of course ignores countries like United Kingdom, Japan, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands and many others all of which are modern constitutional monarchies in modern countries where majority of the people of those nations have absolutely no intention of removing their monarchy because of the benefits they recognize they derive from it.

On the subject of disputed successions in former monarchies and concerning non-reigning royals he undertakes "tolerant" attitude of neutrality though not impartiality, in certain cases, he has a candidate he considers the legitimate one.

He advocates of the establishment, preservation and restoration of a monarchy and stays neutral on the issue of juridical recognition of reigning and Sovereign Houses, which is of exclusive competence of their respective State Systems and desires exclusively to support their traditional humanitarian commitment at the service of international collaboration.

Caputo speaks and writes fluently Italian, English, Spanish, and Portuguese, read French.  

- His Company Caputo International Ltd was founded in September 1985, Toronto, Canada, in December 1990 in U.S.A. and in Guatemala on March 1993. Mr. Caputo was educated in Italy, Canada and US.

- Founder of Caputo Children s Fund registered ONG in Guatemala. 

- Admitted in the prestigious "Famiglie Storiche d Europa ESF" (Historical Families of Europe ESF) in the category of MERITORIOUS MEMBER which is among the highest, the second after the Honorary Member (who are already sovereign members of the family). Mr. Caputo was admitted because belonging to a historic Italian family.

And that was desired by:

The President H.R.& I.H. Archduke Josef Karl of Austria-Hungary, Prince of Hungary, and Captain General of Vitezi Rend. From the Vice President of HHS the Prince Marquis Don Maurizio Ferrante Gonzaga of Vodice di Vescovato. From the Vice President H.E. Don Guglielmo Giovanelli Marconi, of the Princes Giovanelli. From the Secretary General, the nobleman Pier Felice degli Uberti, Count of Cavaglia. And from the general Members meeting.

- From the Royal House of Georgia was granted honoris causa the High Rank and Title of Didebuli Azanauri (great noble) and Knight Grand Cross of Justice of the Royal Order of the Crown of the Georgian Kingdom.

- Collaborator for "The International Confederation of Genealogy and Heraldry C.I.G.H.2

Correspondent Member of L Istituto Araldico Genealogico Italiano  "IAGI"

Honorary Doctor of Science from the Heritage International University. This high status in given in consideration of significant contributions to the legal and historical understanding of monarchy, nobility and chivalry. 


While Don Salvatore Caputo Family is descended from an ancient lineage, having with time in-depth studied nobility law, he makes no claim to royal, princely or ducal against what might appear on some websites or blogs and makes no pretension or claim to be such. His family belongs to a family whose origins and ancestors are well documented.To insert in a biography reporting that the person has a noble title it does not mean to be recognized as such, nor will be recognized as monarchy.

Salvatore Caputo is decisive and often stubborn, so much so that it is not easy to make him change his mind. A great worker and he is fully committed to achieve the goals he proposes. In the sentimental sphere, he is faithful and traditionalist.

Why people refer to him as "Don Salvatore"

The prefix of "Don" is an honorific title used in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Iberoamerica, and the Philippines. Although originally a title reserved for royalty, select nobles, and church hierarchy, it is now often used as a mark of esteem for a person of personal, social or official distinction such as a community leader of long standing, a person of significant wealth or a noble. 

Today in the Americas and in Mexican-American communities, the title Don or Do?a is used in honorific form when addressing a senior citizen. In some countries, Don or Do?a may be used as a generic honorific, similar to Sir and Madam in Central and South America. 


The work requires the cooperation of the concerned dynasties, especially from the Heads of these families. We always try to the best to add more information whenever possible. Additions and corrections will be gratefully accepted, information, addresses or photos are welcome.

You are welcome to contact us, make contributions and/or become a part of this significant cause.

Don Salvatore Ferdinando Antonio Caputo 



Chev. Jean-Paul Gauthier de la Martiniere

  Mr. Gauthier, is an Expert-Advisor to the World Bank Group and former Sr. Manager at Deloitte Consulting, has over 20 years of experience, working in or with over 80 countries worldwide, in trade, investment, and institutional development. Over the course of his career, he has led teams in technical assistance projects for a number of international donor agencies, including the World Bank and its sister institutions the IFC and MIGA. Mr. Gauthier has designed and managed tens of millions of dollars in development assistance projects, including complex, multi-year, multi-phase projects, with staffs of dozens of members of personnel, and launched numerous projects and 5 field offices. He has 17 years of experience in recruiting, deploying, leading and managing implementation teams for the World Bank, Deloitte, Bearing Point, and others.

Attorney in good standing with the Bar of Quebec, Canada, he holds an MA in International Economics from John Hopkins University (SAIS), Ll.B. in Civil Law from University de Montreal and Mc Gill University, as well as Certificates from such leading international institutions as the Yale School of Management (SOM). Mr. Gauthier is published and has spoken at numerous public events in his areas of expertise. He is native to near-fluent in English, French, Spanish & Russian, and has resided and worked long-term in Jordan, Morocco and in Russia.

Interested of historical, genealogical, nobiliary, chivalry and heraldic.

Armiger of the Commonwealth Realm of Canada    


Knight (with Shell) of the Holy Sepulchre (EOHSJ -currently transferring from the US Mid-Atlantic Lieutenancy to the Lieutenancy of England & Wales), a recipient of the Holy Land Pilgrims. Shell (Silver Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land/Holy See), a member of the SMOM Auxiliary (US Federal Association) as well as of the SMOM Brotherhood of Blessed Gerard.



                                       KING OF ARMS

Don Fernando Muñoz Altea Fernández y Bueno 

Don Fernando Muñoz Altea Fernández y Bueno is an Heardic Authority, was appointed Chronicler King of Arms of the Royal House of Bourbon Two Sicilies in 1962 by HRH Prince Ranieri de Borbón, Duque de Castro, Head of the Royal House.
Since then Don Fernando has been in charge of all the functions of his appointment that are authorized to officially recognize and record arms to individuals and genealogical certifications following the laws and customs of the Royal House and the heraldic science.
Don Fernando has as well been appointed King of Arms of the Military and Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem.
For Consultation and Service visit Service Page

Passed away on March 02, 2018. He was 93 years old.

                                 SPECIAL ADVISORS

Professor Noel Cox

 Professor Noel Cox, is Professor of Law and Head of Department of Law and Criminology, at Aberystwyth University, United Kingdom, the oldest law school in Wales. His major field of research interest is aspects of the Crown, State, and sovereignty. His work has been published in the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, Japan, New Zealand, and elsewhere. He has presented conference papers in many countries, and been a visiting fellow at the University of Cambridge (Wolfson and St Edmund’s Colleges) and The Australian National University. He is a barrister.

Professor Cox was Chairman of The Monarchist League of New Zealand (now Monarchy New Zealand) 2000-2010 (Vice-Chairman 1996-2000, and a life fellow 2010), a Patron of the Australian Monarchist League, a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, the Burgon Society, and the International Association of Amateur Heralds.

Contact Professor Cox (can provide legal advice where appropriate):

Professor Cox is an expert on monarchy and royalty. His particular areas of interest are the New Zealand and British monarchies. Special areas in which he has written include constitutional law, the law of succession, peerage and honours, heraldry and ceremonial.

Dr. Andreas P. Rovilos,

Dr. Andreas P. Rovilos, born in Nafplion- Argolis (Greece), studied medicine at Universities:   Università di Roma "La Sapienza" and ''G. D' Annunzio'' University of Chieti”, he specialized in general medicine at the university Hospital "Hippocratio" of Athens.

  • Director of general medicine in the National Health System (Hellas).
  • Member of medical societies in Greece and abroad.
  • Expert of Heraldry and Orders of Chivalry.
  • Member of Italian Society of Heraldic Studies.
  • Member of Italian Institute of Heraldry and Genealogy.
  • Council member of Heraldry and Genealogical Society of Greece.


                           RETIRED SPECIAL ADVISOR

 Marc Skubich

Marc Skubich`s political views are republican and secular. However, most of his work is dedicated to the royal and religious governments of indigenous peoples. He tries to build a bridge that connects their ancient culture with the secular and republican society they exist in. A bridge to walk on, to strive for progress and change while keep the traditions of their ancestors alive.

In the past, among his positions he held for long or brief periods of time was: Sub-Division Chief West Germany of King Iguru I. of Bunyoro-Kitara, Uganda; representative in Germany of Hadji Dimasonsang E.G. Fernandez, symbolic Sultan of Tambilawan/Rajah Buayan (Northern area), Philippines; representative in Europe of Esmail D. Kiram II., symbolic Sultan of Sulu and North Borneo, Philippines; representative in Europe of Sultan Mohammad Al Mamun X. of Bulungan; adviser to Pengian Sitti Harna Hamad, Sultanah II. of Bulungan, Indonesia; adviser to Sawai Rajkumar Sahib Sri Hraday Shah Bundela, princely house of Ajaigarh, India.



 Glen W. Covert

 Glen W. Covert, a social scientist, has researched genealogy and family history for over 20 years. His genealogical research, reports, and publications are informed by his multidisciplinary interests in US and Central European cultural history, international relations, and theatre.  He has a BA in History and German from Willamette University, is an alumnus of Portland Actors Conservatory, earned a Master in the Social Sciences (focus: 19th century Austrian cultural history) from The University of Chicago, and received a postgraduate certificate in International Studies from the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna.

As a genealogist, Glen channels his multidisciplinary expertise into his passion for genealogy to help others find their family histories.  He specializes in researching the family trees and histories of commoner, noble, and royal families from Austria, Germany, and the region of Trentino-South Tyrol. 

Glen is a native speaker of English, is fluent in German, and can read Kurrent and Stterlin (old German) script.

To learn more about Mr. Covert including his publications and professional genealogical services, please contact him directly:

Chief Lonzado A. Langley

Chief Langley, Tribal Historian Lecture, Professional Researcher, Expert Forensic Colonial historian, and Forensic Genealogist and is a leading authority on colonial statue laws and racial reclassification of American Indians living in South Carolina and Georgia in Southeast during Indian Slavery and those Natives who remain in their homelands after force removal. As Tribal Chief of the Savannah River Band Uchean Indian Nation, his tribe’s presence in America, along with its rich history, has been well documented.

As its Lead Forensic Genealogist, and Investigative Colonial historian his field research has taken him to several countries on the African continent including, Egypt, Nubia, Madagascar and South Africa. He is an in-demand keynote speaker & lecturer, with previous invitations extended by esteemed organizations such as the United States Military, Brown University, and Augusta Museum of History.

He is also a proud U.S. Navy veteran who served, on assignment, in Japan for six years as a Fire control man operating Supercomputers.  Chief Langley’s military experience led him to working as the Former IT Senior Advisor for Bearing Point and Deliotte on USAID and World Bank missions with the Central Bank of Iraq and the Ministry of Finance in Afghanistan and Iraq.



 Dr. Andreas P. Rovilos

Dr. Andreas P. Rovilos, born in Nafplion- Argolis (Greece), studied medicine at Universities:   Università di Roma "La Sapienza" and ''G. D' Annunzio'' University of Chieti”, he specialized in general medicine at the university Hospital "Hippocratio" of Athens.

  • Director of general medicine in the National Health System (Hellas).
  • Member of medical societies in Greece and abroad.
  • Expert of Heraldry and Orders of Chivalry.
  • Member of Italian Society of Heraldic Studies.
  • Member of Italian Institute of Heraldry and Genealogy.
  • Council member of Heraldry and Genealogical Society of Greece.



H.H. Tengku Azman Bin Tengku Abdullah is a Malaysian businessman of Pahang Royalty, nephew to the ex Sultan of Pahang. Was born and raised in Johor Baru, southern tip of peninsular Malaysia. Since childhood he was very interested in the ideals of kingdoms, monarchs, nobilities as well as politics.

After the years in secondary school, he continued his studies in Electrical Engineering at British Malaysia Institute. Upon completion of his studies he was employed as an engineer in one of Singapore's thriving manufacturing sector after the Asian economic crises in the late 90's. Few years after he found his passion in banking with several banks. 

Started to actively involve in politics in 2008 by joining the UMNO youth wing, and held the position of committee member in one of the bureaus. Moved to the capital Kuala Lumpur in 2009 for business. Actively involved in the Pertubuhan Kebajikan Insan Bakti Malaysia a non government organization (NGO) charity body.   

The International Commission and Association on Nobility Malaysia Facebook



Cav. Andre Eugene Martinaglia. Twenty years in policing with the South African and South West African Police in Namibia, with the rank of Inspector (1966-1998) from 1990- 2009 Deputy Sheriff in Belville, Cape Town. In 1992 organized South Africa's entry and participation in the ''World Police and Fire Games'' in 1993 at Colorado Springs, U.S.A., and thereafter a string of other countries all over the world.

Involved with marketing the ''International Law Enforcement Games'' in 1995 in Dubai. Awarded ''National Certificate of Appreciation'', by the South African Police Commissioner in the same year. Awarded ''Knighthood'' by the Italian Government in 2007 for literature, with the title of ''Cavaliere''. Appointed Knight and Ambassador of the Royal Georgian Legion of Tblisi, Republic of Georgia in South Africa in 2010. 

His grandfather Guglielmo Martinaglia arrived at Soth Africa from Piedmont, north of Italy in 1879. Since then his family has married into South African families. Grandfather discovered the internationally well known Sterkfontein Caves west of Johannesburg and north of the town of Krugersdorp in 1896, which is one of the ‘’Cradles of Mankind’’.

Andre is a historic writer and genealogist now by profession in conjunction with the Director of the ‘’Genealogy Institute of South Africa (GISA) in  Stellenbosch, near Cape Town, namely Mr. Leon Endemann.

He wrote several articles dealing with the History of the Italians in South Africa.

Languages:  English, Afrikaans and German (Some Italian).



Count, Baron João Pedro de Saboia Bandeira de Mello Filho is Member of the Federal Public Ministry since 1984 (Brazil’s Attorney General Office), when he was admitted after successfully passing an examination for the position of 2nd. Category Attorney General.  He was promoted by merit to the 1st. Category in 1988, which position was changed into Regional Attorney General.  He has performed such position until 2004, before the Honorable Federal Regional Court / 2nd. Region, when he was promoted to the position of Deputy Attorney General.

Currently he holds a seat at the 3rd. Class of the Honorable Superior Justice Court (STJ).

In addition to the ordinary assignments of his career, he has held the position of Head Attorney General of the 2nd. Region Regional Attorney General’s Office.  Previously he has held the positions of Deputy Head Attorney General, Criminal Coordinator, In charge for the Human Rights Sector, and the commissioned position of Regional Secretary of said Regional Attorney General’s Office. 

Great grandson of a Judge of the Court of Appeals, grandson, son and nephew of Lawyers, since his 2nd. year in the Law School (1969), he has worked at his family’s Law Office (Carlos de Saboia Bandeira de Mello’s Law Office), in Rio de Janeiro.  Around 1978 he established his own Law Office, acting in the Civil and Criminal areas, and occasionally in the Labor area.
  • Collaborating Member of “Colégio Brasileiro de Genealogia” (Brazilian School of Genealogy”;
  • Representative for the State of Rio de Janeiro and the Federal District, of the Brazilian Delegation of “Honor Guard of the Royal Tombs of Pantheon”, with its head-office in Rome;
  • Consulting Counselor of “Instituto Cultural D. Isabel I – A Redentora” (Cultural Institute D. Isabel I – The Redeemer”, which preserves and publicizes the memory of Princess Isabel de Orleans e Bragança, Brazil’s Imperial Princess, at the time of the Republic Proclamation in 1889;
  • Effective Member of “Brazil’s Historical Nobility Association”, under the Honorary President of His Serene  Imperial & Royal Highness  Prince Dom Luiz of   Orleans e Bragança Head of the Brazilian Imperial Family


  • Count de Saboia Bandeira de Mello of Ruanda[s Crown in Exile in the United States of America, by grace of His Majesty King Kigeli V.
  • Baron de Saboia – Bandeira de Mello, of Ruanda’s Crown in Exile in the United States of America, by grace of His Majesty King Kigeli V;
  • Knight of Order of Saint Maurice and Saint Lazaro, of Savoia’s Royal House (Italy’s Crown, in exile in Switzerland), by grace of Prince Vittorio Emanuelle di Savoia.
  • Honor Guard of Pantheon’s Royal Tombs, awarded a “Service Merit” medal (“Istituto Nazionale per la Guardia d’Onore alle Reali Tombe del Pantheon” / Roma / IT), created by a royal decree at the time of the Italian monarchy.
  • Order of the Military Judiciary Merit, of the Superior Military Court (STM) Grade:  “Distinction”.
  • Medal of Judiciary Merit of Armação dos Buzios County, R.J., Brazil.

TICAN Web site in Brazil: