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                          MEMBERSHIP TO THE ASSOCIATION



There are six Kinds of Membership to the International Commission and Association on Nobility

The Commission welcomes of "Jure Sanguinis" families of European nobility and the class members "on merits" of relevant families, which, though not noble, they share the values and committed to serve the same ideals. Even so, proof of Jure Sanguinis must be backed up solid evidence.


You, as a consistent supporting member of the Commission and Association on Nobility are extremely valuable person because with your help, we become more prolific in the continuance of serving the public.  We dedicate our time effort in replying to inquiries from groups, organizations and individuals that want to know about the authentic and  legitimate of some organizations on the Internet that claim to be some sort or royalty house and sell Noble Titles or Chivalry Order.

We would like to remind you that only sovereigns with legitimate fons honorum (fount of honor ? the right to bestow nobility) can and have the solemn right to do so. Our assistance to you is that we investigate accurately the organization to verify their genuine fons honorum claims. However, there are many organizations in the world that are legitimate in the sense that are perfect and honest non governmental institutions with the criteria of a modern-day nobility association committed to some pious or charitable activity?. nevertheless, they cannot declare to have fons honorum! As long they clearly state that they are just a private organization, we do not judge them as phony Institution. It is up to an individual to join or not to join such organization.

Prominent examples of hereditary titles include:

Hereditary monarchy in the Commonwealth realms, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, Japan, Thailand, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Monaco, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Jordan, Morocco, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tonga and Bahrain. Other national constitutions use different modes of succession to their monarchies, e.g. the election of the Pope in the Vatican City, and especially in the Orient often adding an element of selection (e.g. at a family council) among eligible relations of the monarch. Special cases are the two elective monarchies, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates, where the constituent states of each federation are hereditary monarchies but those rulers form an electoral college that assigns the federal position of head of state to one of their number for a term (of five years).

Titles of nobility in the United Kingdom and other countries (see peerage). In the United Kingdom, most titles of nobility (peerages and the lower title of Baronet) pass only to the eldest son (or occasionally the eldest daughter in the absence of male heirs); all other sons and daughters of peers are commoners though they may use one or more not independently heritable courtesy titles, either Lord, Lady or The Honorable depending on the rank of the peerage held by their father or mother, or another title styled like a peerage but without a seat in the Lords, usually one or two ranks below father's. In many European countries, titles may be inherited by all the heirs male of a family, whose members thus all share the same title at the same time (for instance, within the szlachta nobility of Poland or in the nobilities of the successor states of the Holy Roman Empire). In the Far East the main (Chinese-induced) tradition is rather for titles to devalue as the generations succeed each other, but not to the same rank.

Whenever a noble, royal, or academic claim is made by a candidate, we are tasked with the obligation and duty to inquire and discover whether the claim is valid or not. This is to protect the good name and reputation of The International Commission and Association on Nobility (TICAN) and its Royal Patrons.




HONORARY ROYAL MEMBERS: Recognized Heads of Royal Houses

This is the case of members of Royal Families or who have reigned in Europe, or Families that are honored with a Princely title, or Heads of Ducal Family Houses.

Eligibility for membership consists not simply of proving legitimate royal descent, but of establishing worthiness of the high distinction this membership confers.  It is also required that the candidates shall have attained the majority of age.

These members are exempted from payment of annual membership.

Life Membership join us and be part of a good cause.
 Membership  by invitation only


Individuals who are not nobles, such as historians, heralds and genealogists

Honorary Members of the Commission are also recognized individuals who have attained acknowledged eminence related to monarchy, nobility and Chivalric Orders research, design, or construction.
Each year, a number of new Honorary Members will be nominated, elected and inducted.  Suggestions are welcome.


Membership by invitation only


Membership in the class of nobility is for those holding a title of nobility and or who are members of a legitimate Hereditary Order of Chivalry. Potential prospects considering to apply for membership should hold a title of nobility, which is backed by solid evidence. Honorific Order of Chivalry is not a noble title.

An applicant must provide proof of descent satisfactory to the Commission and proofs presented with the application for membership must be from approved genealogical data sources. Publications which are normally recognized by other heritage/societies as proof are not acceptable. A way to be certain of your family heritage is to have your family line researched by a  professional genealogist.

To prove lineal descent, you will need to provide proof for each date and place of each generation, starting with yourself and going back lineally to your ancestor. In the first three generations, these proofs would consist of photocopies of birth, marriage, and death documents. For other generations back to your ancestor, one or more of the following items would usually be considered acceptable proof:

  1. Cemetery records
  2. Tombstone inscriptions
  3. Obituaries, probate records
  4. Wills
  5. Census records
  6. Local histories
  7. Well-documented genealogies

Legitimate Order of Chivalry are persons who have achieved Knightly Rank in a recognized international Chivalry or Religious Order and recognized public Royal Houses. See our page "Royal FamiliesTo become noble, it can be done by "letters": that is, by royal grant.  The king could always ennoble anyone he wished.  

Hereditary titles, in a general sense, are titles of nobility, positions or styles that are hereditary and thus tend or are bound to remain in particular families.

It is important to understand that the results of the investigation whether positive or negative will be not being made public. The information will only be shared with a few key individuals who keep confidential information and  and private.

Should we find some problems in this investigation process, we will share them with you in the hope of clarifying whatever is ascertained.

At any time during this research, you may withdraw your desire to obtain "Nobility Membership"   or change it to "Titular Member" as desired.

Special note:

The Commission does not undertake genealogical research for applicants.

The Commission does not  certify or recognize any nobility. The category of "Nobility Membership", does not mean we certify nobility or recognize someone as noble but it only signifies that the member enters in this category for having demonstrated the received honor from a fons honorum.

Certificate of Membership: Euros 110.00

First year due: Euros 50.00

TOTAL EUROS 160.00 (plus cost of shipping usually couriers approximate cost  US$ 100.00)

ILLUSTRIOUS ANCESTOR MEMBERSHIP Direct or Salic descendant of the Noble Blood of an Asian, South Pacific, African, European, Mexican, Central and South American, Family of High Nobility, Imperial and royal Houses).

Illustrious Ancestor o Gentleman, is a person entitled to bear arms but not included in the nobility. In its original and strict sense, the term denoted a man of good family, deriving from the Latin word gentilis and invariably translated in English-Latin documents as generosus.

A royal descent is a genealogical line of descent from a past or present monarch. Royal descent is easier to prove than descent from less historically documented ancestors, since genealogies and public records are typically fuller, better known and preserved in the case of royal descent than in the case of descent from less noted individuals.

Surnames are not usually a good guide to this. The fact is that descents can be quite complicated. Illegitimate offspring were sometimes, but not always, recognized. Those that were favored were fortunate indeed. They were no threat to their father because by virtue of their known illegitimacy they could never claim the throne. They could though often enjoy the privileges of wealth and position. 

Those that were not overtly recognized entered the melting pot of the gentry and the middle classes. Quite often, the youngest sons and daughters of once grand families married professional people like lawyers and churchmen and their youngest children in turn might find their marital opportunities limited to farmers and tradesmen.

Nobiliary Council Board Certified:

The responsibility of proof rests entirely with the petitioner. It is his or her obligation to provide all the needed evidence. The Nobiliary Council, after having processed documentation, shall verify the authenticity of the documents and the candidate?s suitability and recommend their acceptance to the ?Illustrious Ancestor? membership.

Special note:

The Commission does not certify or recognize any nobility. The category of "Nobility Membership", does not mean we certify nobility or recognize someone as noble but it only signifies that the member enters in this category for having demonstrated the received honor from a fons honorum.

Certificate of Membership: Euros 100.00

First year due: Euros 50.00

TOTAL EUROS 150.00 (plus cost of shipping usually couriers approximate cost US$ 100.00).

TITULAR MEMBERS: The Titular Class of the Association, which is the largest of the Organization, is open to worthy individuals who support the ideals of chivalry and nobility. Provided, always, that such candidates are of excellent character and are considered qualified and worthy by the officers of this Commission.

A Curriculum Vitae (Life Resume) is required.

Certificate of Membership: Euros 90.00

First year due: Euros 50.00

TOTAL EUROS 140.00 (plus cost of shipping usually couriers approximate cost  US$ 100.00 )

MEMBERS DONORS are considered those who have the requirements for admission and pay an annual fee equal to or exceeding three times the annual fee for Titular members.




A - A Letter (or fill the application form) to the Commission requesting admission to one of three classes of membership (Excluding Honorary Members).


B - Complete Curriculum Vitae (CV) of the applicant.


C - Proof of nobility or knighthood for nobility class. (That one is true member of the nobility or a recognized member of a royal family, or that one is a true knight, baron, prince or some other genuine title of nobility or royalty).


D - Coat of Arms of the applicant in except for the titular or donor class member which is voluntarily.


Download application. (Printable version) Send your application electronically to:

Your electronic signature constitutes a legal and binding application agreement.



In order to help us continue to improve our service and upgrade our systems we appreciate any financial support you can provide. We are grateful for any amount of support no matter how small and any donations we receive will only go to pay for our infrastructure costs. Any amount of donations we receive over our infrastructure costs will be given to charity. You kindness and generosity are greatly appreciated.

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